Bringing Strategy, Process and Sales People in


In 2019 Chadi Al-Moussawi and Jan Sasinek launched the first online therapy platform in the Czech republic. Their enthusiasm, managerial, financial, and development background together with life experience with real therapy brought a solid base for an authentic well-advised solution that has already helped many thousands of clients with their psychological challenges. Over time and also due to the Covid-19 pandemic noticed new much larger business potential in B2B sector where large corporations seek innovation in employee benefits.


While Chadi is capable of bringing new customers onboard he needs to focus on building a company in the first place. It was clear a sales team has to be established. Chadi knew this was an opportunity not only to expand the team and delegate his sales obligations but to re-align a business strategy, start building company processes, acquire new tools and launch traction that will start bringing new accounts and convince other investors.


We have defined the scope of market research that consisted of:

  • choosing and quantifying market segments based on market trends and existing competition in the USA
  • finding and quantifying key decision makers and in which segments they are concentrated the most
  • quantification of TAM, SAM, and SOM
  • searching direct & indirect competition + finding all information we can use (sales claims, top customers, USPs, product structure, product names, team structure, sales channels, social media activities)
  • creating a framework for instant competition benchmark in one single sheet that helps to build precise arguments during a sales conversation

SALES PROCESS, KPI SETUP & CRM IMPLEMENTATION was using an ordinary Trello / excel sheet way of sales opps evidence. We have recommended a transition to Pipedrive that we have fully setup, implemented, migrated data, created process- and video manuals, and also integrated with other automating supporting apps.

We have monitored and fine-tuned the process on the go including creating mail scripts for addressing new customers.

At the end we have created reports for weekly updates and also for invest


Kristian assisted at some negotiations with potential customers providing Chadi with:

  • feedback and recommendations
  • helping to build structured arguments for negotiations including "wish & concessions lists"
  • help with preparation for sales meetings
  • participating in meetings
  • review of pricing
  • helping with specific offers for bigger projects
  • creating sales revenue forecast calculator & sales team bonus calculator


Kristian and his team managed the whole hiring process including communication with candidates, pre-screening, interviews and final interviews with testing skills, and conducting a sales roleplay. While the current employees market situation is very challenging (lack of available sales & skilled salespeople) Spacetools pro-actively sought and addressed candidates on LinkedIn. Within time they found Barbora who is an enthusiastic, very energetic person with a great track record and a huge willingness to learn and grow.

After the onboarding process and personal KPIs setup, we keep meeting on weekly basis with structured meeting agenda to review's sales pipeline, deal progress, and discuss how to help acquire the top deals.


"Before cooperating with Spacetools, our sales process was like walking through a jungle without a machete and a map. Kristian has helped us to set up correct processes, use the right tools and start looking at B2B side of business professionally. Each step proved that Kristian and Spacetools have vast experience in building sales processes in a company from scratch and it was refreshing to be part of this approach and have it implemented in"

Chadi El-Moussawi, CEO & Co-Founder

If you would like to know more about how our services could help to boost or build your sales, please, contact us.