How much time are you going to waste in 2021?

Welcome to new year 2021. I am 100% sure it will be better than 2020. Despite all the world's difficulties it is still up to us to make it happen.

I believe you have read many motivating articles about how to lose weight in 2021, how to win in business or how to find happiness. After all this is the right time to review and plan for better. You may answer yourself questions like "What I am proud of in 2020", "What was my biggest success", "What I am thankful for", "Whom did I help", "How did I contribute to my family's / community / planet wellbeing" etc. These and many more are very valid questions and it is very beneficial to do such an exercise, even on a regular daily or weekly basis. What I'd like you to review is more technical, precise and from a certain point of view serious. It concerns your most precious and irreversible resource you have - time. People often don't get this until they have kids, reach middle age crisis, burn out, experience trauma or simply recognize the magnitude of minor but regular doings. First time I really got this is when I saw this amazing video made by Ashley Zahabian. I kept listening to this every morning for months until it got written to my skull and I started living by it.

What ever your reason of not being aware of your time is, stop and change it! It is time for rehab, "time rehab"! Time to analyze what is happening with your time and what will happen if you don't do something about it. What will you do with your time in 2021? (And yes, I've borrowed the question marks for this article's cover picture from new Batman trailer :) )

I've created a simple XLS sheet where you can fulfill you daily activities in four different categories: Productive, health & rest, fun, waste. Be brutally honest to yourself and put there everything you do every day, even things no-one else knows you're doing.

You can download this excel here.

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Once you finish look at the other time columns that show how much time are you going to spend during your subsequent productive life. The values I've put there serve as an example.

Now the quesion is: Do you really want to spend 7 whole months of your life watching Netflix or checking someone else's life on social media? Imagine 7 months in a row. This period of time spent with your family on an island. Or building your own business. 7 months of your life that will happen only once and there will be no chance to get them back.

As one of my friends told me - we are the result of our daily decisions we make every minute. We become what we do by these decisions. A very nice example of this being true is your body. Your body is a result of decisions about food and workout you've been doing for last 12 months.

What is it what you want to become? What actions shall be eliminated and replaced to make your vision of yourself come true? It is only up to you.