Call in advance even if You’re just 30 seconds late

Look at the picture. This is exactly how a potential customer, Your colleague, friend or anybody expecting You feels when You are not there on time. It is just a minute You’re thinking maybe. No big deal. But actually at that moment when a second hand of a watch crosses the agreed time and You are not there the other person experiences a feeling of disappointment, betrayal and solitude. You will probably appear in a few minutes and he would think “Oh dear, good, it is ok, he did not forget”. Nevertheless that feeling will not disappear so easy. Therefore also this saying: People may forget what You did to them but they will not forget how You made them feel. It will be a little warning sign that sazs “Maybe this person isn’t reliable” or “maybe he considers me a less important person”.

You may be thinking when You’ll arrive just a little bit later and then You will not even mention a little appologize that nothing happens. Wrong! It happened. And You just earned minus points to Your relationship and Your reputation.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d be kidding if I would say I am always on time. Not at all! I would even say I’ve been late to many meetings (especially those management meetings that made absolutely no sense). What I am sure even more is that any time was late I’ve called in advance or at least texted “Still searching a parking spot, I am sorry, please start without me, I will join You in a minute”.

What I would suggest to You — if You want to be considered a great professional and gentleman — is to call in advance even if You just MAY BE late. If You do this little thing even being on time You eventually You earn big plus points. You show that every detail matters to You. You show that the other person matters a lot to You.

Believe me You may hear something like: “Wow, I’ve never experienced that somebody would call me even when he comes on time. People usually do it the opposite way. Bravo!” At that moment You’re probably looking at Your new satisfied customer.