In business it is better to know why I have no results than not to know why I have good ones

I almost never drink a beer. If ever I do a non-alcoholic #birrel. It tastes great. I don’t ask where does this taste come from or how did it get there. I simply enjoy that result. In business and sales however I prefer exactly opposite approach.

Whenever someone comes to me to show off his new contract I immediately congratulate and share his enthusiasm. At the same time I feel a bit ill at ease as I know I may calm down his gladness with a few following questions. Yet I do it in order to have more moments to celebrate in the future, again and again.

  • How did You achieve that?
  • What was that decisive moment?
  • How many similar prospects You have had to address until You got to this point?
  • For which other companies can we use this same strategy?
  • And how will this affect our results in general?
  • How will it shift our company?
  • Will they give You a testimonial?
  • What potential has that client for the future?
  • What are the risks of losing him in the future?
  • And how to avoid them?
  • Could this success point out that we shall focus on different type of companies?

I ask just some of those questions. I do it very carefully, tactile and discreet. A tone of voice has to be very calm, friendly and it is still good to repeat sentences like: “Wow, still man, I can’t believe You did this customer, I am so proud of You” or “It is so cool, almost all of us have tried to get this client, now You come and get him in a few weeks. You’re a terminator”.. among those questions. Keep a praising and supporting voice.

Successes in business are sometimes a result of coincidence. But they are always a result of discipline, persistence, continual innovation of processes and great vision of company’s leader.

For me personally winning a client does not mean to go celebrating. For me it says: “What a nice warm-up. So now, let’s get them all!”