It is difficult to let simple things work

When a company stops using 5 different formats of power point presentation to show very same information again and again or fulfilling 6 different reports instead of one…that is a miracle. Better results, easier life.

When a general manager stops spending hours of thinking about how to force middle managers to come to a meeting on time and instead allows them to come with their own ideas wich will be then implemented… they will start to come in advance. Is that also a miracle? Is it ever possible?

Why do we spend 3 hours surfing on internet to find out something about a prospect when we can call him straight away?

Why do we deep-dive into excel sheets for hours when we can reach the same in a few minutes drawing on a piece of paper?

I challenge my-self with such questions sometimes. And any time I succeed in getting rid of old habits I get an exhilarating feeling. Also results arrive much sooner. During this process I always remember great Muhammad Ali’s words: “ It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.“

How do You tackle this? Do You have pebble in Your shoe sometimes? Is it difficult to solve it?