One look at a pipeline tells everything about Your sales condition

It is no rocket science to realize that one has an overweight.There is no need for an expensive diagnostics or examination. One look into a mirror says it all. Anyway much better idea is to start doing something with it. Right now! And after a while when You feel You're really serious about that You can invite a coach to support You.

In the same spirit one look at a pipeline in Your CRM says more or less everything about Your sales condition. Actually in contrary to Your belly a pipeline looks better when larger.

The main question still remains how much and how fast (if ever) prospect flow through this pipeline. This name “pipeline” was chosen especially because there should be a flow going through all the time. If Your pipeline looks the same every two weeks there is high probability something was clogged.

That leads us actually straight to another topic — one simple biggest challenge for CRM providers is it's stiffness. Everybody uses static reports. “We have enough potential clients” or “we have done enough sales visits, our performance is great”. My question would be “How many new opportunities appeared this week? How many of them fell through a sales funnel to next stage? How many were lost?…”

To make a second conlcusion from this: It does not matter how many selfies from a gym You've put on Instagram. What matters is how many push ups You've performed, for how long and how consistent You've been. And again in the same spirit it does not matter how many sales visits You've performed and about how big contract You're talking about right now. What matters is how much did You make Your customers move, run. dance, shake, decide, consider, think, sign, buy, use. That really matters. Movement! That's the rule of the game. Sales game.