Only few people learn even from a jackass

My favourite quote from G.B.Shaw says:

“ Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

We talk to each other, read articles, hear opinions. And we have always two options:

  1. We can take that thing we just saw or heard, think about it, try to figure out what is there for me, how it can help me and how can I amend it so that it works for me. If there is nothing for me we just leave it there and continue.
  2. Or we don’t think about it and start figuring out why it is stupid instead. Why it can’t work. Or we can even state it is total non-sense.. The only one hurt at that moment is no-one else than us.

People who mostly choose the second option have not much else to do in their lives. When doing so they hope in silence that someone else will join them to prove thay are not the only ones suffering. They are so uncertain about them-selves that their only goal is to make sure there is at least one person nodding to them. Some online forums are full of such people.

However everybody has the power and ability to change it!

The very opposite approach is to learn even from people who have absolutely different stance to life, different opinion on politics or even from a total jackass.

And if you do sales and business you can be sure there will always be someone who is total jackass.

Inspiration has many forms..

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