Sales is not about hypocrisy. It is about love for people

Technology changes today’s world, our lives and sales, too. Very soon there will be no need to use a sales guy to find out how many cokes does a fuel station need to order. This position won’t be even called with a word “sales” and will be done by drone or an app.

Collection of customer needs data is being done more and more automatically. Big data, algorithms, cookies, social media etc. Yet a purchase decision is and will remain emotional. One exchanges a freedom to spend money on anything for a concrete thing, wich is hard to give back (Brian Tracy, Psychology of Selling). Therefore everybody wants to be sure a purchase is worth it.

So is it important to understand emotions? Is it important to observe a potential client’s expression during Your long product presentation? Is it important to spark a pleasant atmosphere at the beginning of a meeting? And finally — can sales be done by someone who lacks social intelligence?

Of course it can and it does. What are the results of it? That is another story.

The same way as muscles can be trained, even all kinds of intelligence including the social and emotional one can be develop. Any brain is neorplastic meaning flexible and ready to change and get better.

Social and emotional intelligence is not only a “nice to have” thing in sales. If You want to succeed and have great business results You have to understand how emotions and thinking works. It is crucial for any negotiation, any sales process and any purchase decision.

It all begins with an effort to understand how do we work ourselves. How our thoughts flow. How do we think. And it is hard. It even hurts. But it is worth it.

Eventually we are not going to become manipulators but people who are self-confident, authentic and succesful in business.

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