Saying “We’re sorry” won’t change the fact that Your service sucks

Do You remember Your last experience when You’ve been disappointed during Your purchase? Your expectation was not fulfilled. Maybe only by 10%. Your meal looked like on this picture, Your shipment was late, Your new car got broken the second day or You got stuck in a cableway (like me a few weeks ago). To hear an appologize should be a matter of course. Unfortunately not even this is a standart.

Whoever failed customer’s expectation shall know that he owes something to him. That’s the way a customer feels (even he does not say). It is necessary to compensate. Or at least to try. Even a small effort can make a huge difference.

Customers are humans and they understand that companies are made by humans, too. They are very tolerant in this way. And a small effort VS no effort makes a HUGE difference. A discount, credit, little present, gadget, whatever.

Real CUSTOMER APPROACH REVOLUTION can happen only when both sides will change!

MANAGEMENT has to realize the impacts of such mistakes straight to their business results. A solution can be a listo of compensations for each kind of mistakes that can happen and make this a rule for their personnel. Being polite and smiling shall be a golden rule. Forget Your ego. When something goes wrong with Your service You should be ready to die for a customer leaving Your company with a smile again.

CUSTOMERS shall not leave such mistakes alone. They shall not think about how they would look like in other customers eyes. The only one who shall feel awkward is personnel, not a client. NO TIPS FOR UNPLEASANT WAITERS!

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