CASE STUDY : Starting A Sales Department At NANO POWER Company


The CEO and Founder, František Šťastný, has started this company on his own years ago with very clear vision to conquer european market with the new LTO technology. He knew the market and saw an opportunity. He was operating with one key customer for first few years. Then he decided to move on and to start with proactive sales and new acquisitions. That was the moment when our paths met.


The business was running well and the product was at very high level which was a great starting point to launch sales. We have used this situation to conduct a comprehensive market research and build a database of potential customers.

We have grown initial narrow pipeline of a few prospects to hundredsof potential leads. Later on the sales team started to process these and turn them intopotential customers.

The strategy was split into two directions - continuous prospecting and direct sales with an aim to continuously close "door opening" deals and secondly with a long-term goal to attend huge international tenders and acquire a game changer.

The biggest tender we have worked on for a few months had a value of 1,4B $.