Starting with "What a nice weather" is not an ice-break. That is a disaster

You all know it is good to start a meeting with an ice-break putting a customer and ourselves at ease. How long it takes may differ by cultures. However, I've never experienced a bad reaction to it.

People consider this as a little thing. A "nice to have". Notice a picture on the wall, say "thanks" for booking a parking spot. Never use cliche like weather as it is so obvious You're trying to break ice and You are not experienced.

Use it as a great opportunity. It actually is the first impression You're about to make. So it is not only "nice to have". It is "great to make the best out of it".

It is a chance for You to show Your mindfulness, awareness, and professionalism. Do a little research in advance. Say "I read about Your new plant in Europe, that is great news, how did it go?" or "I liked what Your CEO said at this conference. Can You tell me more about these system upgrades he mentioned?"

An ice-break does not have to be personal, informal. It can be business related. It is even better. You will put everybody at ease, make great 1st impression and primarily get new things to know. You will let Your customer speak about himself. You show Your interest and start building relationship immediately.

How about that?