Take time to turn off

Before wishing you merry christmas I'd like to share one nice experience.

I consider social media unimportant for a personal life. I use them just for business, marketing and as a medium. Daniel Priestley calls them megafon that allows you to be heard. Petr Andrysek motivates when saying: "So many people how something to say but they are never heard".

I don't instagram my food and don't follow anyone on Facebook (except my wife and few very humorous friends). But there is one thing, still underrated thing, that I find great - organizing a group of friends and going out. Yesterday we went out with Richard Beber, the greatest speaker I've met, Boris Orava, Europe Champion in natural bodybuilding, and Frantisek Stastny, czech Elon Musk, co-founder of a startup Nano Power. We watched a great Ferdinand movie and then continued to confectioner's. Very soon we've realized we have to do this more often. And christmas is the best time to start with it. Christmas, holidays of peace, relax with family and also time to summarize thoughts and strategy for next year (more about this next week).

I wish you all wonderful merry christmas full of love and joy. Have a great time.