Two reasons why feedback will make You the best manager

Managers often give feedback to their team. For example during Friday’s regular sales meeting. Actually it is expected from managers to give feedback. Hence there are two questions:

  1. Do they give constructive feedback? Do we highlight that great work a team is doing? Do we discuss opportunities to get better? Or do we just say: “Man, good job, BUT…here in this e-mail You misspelled this word”. Do we give constructive feedback or do we pay attention to completely irrelevant piddling things. If we spend time on piddling things then we can’t have enough time for the important ones.
  2. Are we also interested in hearing a feedback about us? Do we ask sometims: “What can I improve on myself? How can I support You better? Do You like the format and regularity of our meetings?” And if You already give questions like that — Do You really mean it? Would they answer honestly? Have You built such environment where people are honest and know they can tell their opinion without any fear? Are You asking this hnoestly or because You have read You should do that?

Such feedback environment can be very much supported also if changes are following any feedback wich everybody agreed on. That means: “We are not just talking. We are doing! We are improving things! We are improving us!”