What does a success ratio really mean?

The success ratio of closing sales depends on many factors. Let’s say the average conversion ratio on your market is 10%. That means you have to meet ten clients in order to win one deal. You have to call 100 prospects in order to appoint ten meetings. In other words — it means you will have to do this if you do the same activities as all other companies in this field.

There is also another option. You can improve Your process. You can increase Your efficiency. You can do things smarter. Actually, You have to do that. Otherwise the only way to succeed will be always the same — work like hell day and night. And this way is in long term unbearable. Of course You have to work hard but also work hard on innovations wich will enable You to work less. Or focus on other new things.

So how can we do such improvments? Let me suggest a few simple things You can implement right NOW by putting these topics on every internal meetings table:

  • innovation and optimisation of processes
  • automating reports
  • discussing wich regular internal meetings does not make sense (because they bring no value)
  • tuning call scripts
  • saving repeating e-mails as templates
  • creating list of repeteadly used negotiation tactics
  • start using mobile apps (Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Pocket, Waze, Blinkist...)
  • switch to CRM with a mobile app

The most important thing in growing sales results is improving your success ratio. It is really so simple (not that easy).

If You have two hourse internal sales meeting every week, separate at least 15 minutes for innovations of how You do things. Try not to spend the whole time just on results and activities. Spend always some time on discussing how to make things easier, faster, more efficient. Increase your success ratio. Get more results with less effort. Ask for ideas. Let Your team talk. Let them come with fresh ideas. And try to implement some of them.

The side effect of all of these is that even a team will be better motivated. Knowing that things are moving forward, we are always few steps ahead, looking forward to see new ideas, hacks, doing things always smarter than the competition.