What is more? A human being or a phone?

“I'm sorry, that's my boss.. I have to answer this one…” Really? Is your boss so insane that he'd kill you when you will call back a bit later? I guess not!

Another often seen example: “I am at the meeting, I can't talk now” .. “Alright?! So, why did you answer? You could have called me back later…”

I used a bit exaggerated heading of this article on purpose. How come a cell phone has such a power over us? I see this almost every day. People go to meetings, dinner, talk to each other but when a phone rings it looks like world stopped to exist. It (a phone call) has to be done immediately.

There are three key problems with this:

  1. When you answer a phone during a meeting you totally lose your focus. Also you won't fully refocus on that phone call. So you won't be able to fully perceive a person on the other side of a phone.
  2. Even worse is a fact that answering a phone during a meeting with anyone says “You are not that important for me as someone calling me now” (There is just one exception here — if your wife or kids are calling, I think there is a clear excuse).
  3. To anyone who's experienced such reaction of yours it gives a signal that you are available at any time, you can't say “no”. And believe me there are people who will know no border in taking benefit from this.

Who ever calls you.. your boss, colleague, client, employee you don't have to answer unless it is really comfortable and suitable for you. You are the master of your time. And your time is very valuable. Poeple should know it. If you'll tell them it may sound unpolite. But if you behave that way they will recognize it and they will respect it. Maybe not immediately but very soon.

Fingers crossed with implenting simplicity and relief into your life.