Why fighting competition doesn’t make sense

Everyone who says something negative about his competition actually says many things about himself:

  1. I have nothing better to say than this
  2. The competition I am talking about has something what I don’t (and I can’t deal with it)
  3. I don’t know business etiquette and I don’t care about it.
  4. Otherwise I am great, I keep my word.

What is the conclusion? If there is a question about Your competition You should have so many things to say about Yourself that a client will completely forget about Your competition. If You will talk badly about Your competition it is like to start talking badly about Yourself.

From words to action: The more You focus on Your competition the less time You have for Yourself. To know Your competition? Yes, of course. To learn from them, get inspired? Yes. To fight with them? Well, Google and Microsoft used to fight against each other. Because of the fight they overlooked Apple who focused on himself insteteaead and reached dominant market position.

So what do we do? Do we spoil our image and waste time or do we grind, focus on improvment and succeed?