World is full of critics. Be an encourager.

I see it almost every day. A teacher criticizes his students, a manager criticizes his team. Internet forums are full of haters and trolls.

Our great Jaromir Jagr says: “A praise is pleasant. Critique is necessary” and I would sign this any time. Obviously, there is big difference between constructive critique VS just a critique. Everyone can criticize anything. That is easy. Unfortunately, that brings no value except compensating personal complexes or satisfying criticizer’s ego.

If someone wants to give constructive critique resp. feedback the first he shall build is a trust and a relationship with that person. At least they should know each other. The other thing is a form of that critique. It should be decent, diplomatic and gradual. Not only for manners sake but to enable an acceptation of the other side.

Any criticizer who reads this and is capable to admit: “Aha, maybe I have this problem” — please, listen to a 2nd chapter of Dale Carnegie’s audiobook: How to Win Friends & Influence. There is a chapter “Father forgets”. You may even cry when listening. Anyway, it will definitely change your stance to critique.

Btw. in this book You will also learn that Abraham Lincoln used to be topnotch troll. At the moment he realized that he started to work on him-self. Eventually he became one of the most diplomatic and nice people of USA history.