Your word is everything. Make decisions You can stand up for.

When hearing someone putting the Czech nation down by saying “We are not self-confident. We can’t make our way through” my reaction is “Please, speak for Your-self”. “We are not self-confident” is not heard only in pubs during small talks. I heard this from a top class Czech entrepreneur during his keynote speech. What a shame. Yet I think our real problem is the way we perceive the importance of decision making. Let me explain this.

There is a scientific study that proves that if anyone has an option to change his decision afterwards he is automatically less satisfied with that decision and more likely to tend to change his decision. And if there really is an option to change (by law or situation) he will do so. Unfortunately, he is not aware of consequences it may have on his relationships, reputation and respect. In the army, he will be degraded immediately (if not worse). You don’t take Your word back. The result of this all is that he may save some little money, somebody may join the other side, somebody will choose another supplier anyway a credibility goes down fatally. Everybody will know that this guy doesn’t keep his word. He does not stand up for his thing.

The main problem with this is that people don’t realize this. They absorb these manners from today’s politics. And first of all, it is a really bad habit. A habit that can be changed resp. erased.

Tim Robbins says: “Make as many decisions as possible. Take responsibility”. When You do so You will learn how to make the right decision on the first time. And eventually, You will learn from those few wrong ones. In both cases, You will stand up for Your decision. A people always follow those who can stand up for their thing.